Monday, August 30, 2010

Menu Plan: 8/30- Back to School!

It's our first week of school here! Tuesday is the kids' first day back and I'm sending them off with an energy-boosting power lunch... (They are only 4 and 5 and have half-day school- both will be attending in the PM this year, making life simpler for Mama!)


B-Cereal, Applesauce, Milk
L-Pancakes, Bacon, Apple Slices
D-Sunday Supper at Bama & Papa's


B-Scrambled Eggs, Toast, Juice
L-Pepperoni Pizza (My nephews are spending the day with us! We're looking forward to having them help us make a big ol' pizza to feed all five kids-- ages 1 to 10. :))
D-Lynn's Zucchini "Pizza"

Tuesday: (Our first day of school!)

B-Yogurt Muffins, Apple Slices, Milk
L-PB Toast, Choc Banana Smoothies (using chocolate yogurt as the chocolate part), lots of Fresh Fruit
D-Sweet & Sour Steak and Veggies over Rice


B-Oatmeal with Apples & Raisins, Milk
L-Cheesy Beans & Rice, Water
D-Pigs in Blankets, Corn, Baked Beans


B-Hard-boiled Eggs, Yogurt Muffins, Juice
L-P,B,&J, Apples, Milk


B-Smoothies, Toast
L-Pigs in Blankets, Applesauce, Milk


B-Sausage "McGriddle" Sandwiches
D-Grilled Herb Marinated Chicken Thighs, Baked Beans, Biscuits (I'd just like to take a moment and confess to you all how hard that whole "marinade"/"marinate" thing is for me... I have to think SO hard every time. Am I the only one? Please, oh please, tell me there's someone else out there who struggles too...)

I'm really looking forward to Amy's Yogurt Muffins and Hard-Boiled Eggs on Thursday... I sometimes forget just how much my whole family likes hard-boiled eggs! Well, that's not entirely true. I don't like hard-boiled egg yolks... at all. Still, I love the whites (with a little salt!) and my four-year old happily scarfs up the extra yolks. Do you like hard-boiled eggs... and not just in the form of deviled eggs? ;)

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