Thursday, August 5, 2010

Saving Money On Fancy Cheese

When I shared my Baked Rotini recipe the other day, I mentioned how I had a chunk of provolone to use from a package of cheese ends I'd picked up from the deli. This is something I do fairly frequently.

At one of my local grocery stores, they sell the scraps and leftover pieces of cheese from the deli in packages for $3.99/lb. Now, listen...

Almost four bucks a pound is not a remarkable price for cheddar or mozzarella or American cheese... you've kind of got to peer into the shrink wrap and try to determine what might be in there. In the past I've scored provolone, aged swiss, havarti dill, smoked gouda, and- most notably, a gigantic chunk of gruyere. One would be hard-pressed to find any of those cheeses being sold for less than five dollars a pound!

My store happens to just package them up and sell them that way. If yours does not, it may be worth speaking to the deli manager. You could probably score an even better deal than I'm getting. If they're not already marketing them, they may be happy just to make a couple bucks off what could just be considered waste!

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