Monday, August 16, 2010

Ten Bittersweet Baby Moments

Do you remember...

  1. ...the first time your baby WANTED you to put her down so she could get moving?
  2. ...having to pack up those first tiny outfits knowing your baby would never wear them again?
  3. ...realizing it was time to stop swaddling?
  4. ...when the "slap-slap" of little hands and knees on hard floors was replaced with the pitter-pat of little feet?
  5. it seemed like one day your baby became interested in grabbing things other than just your finger?
  6. ...knowing that it was time for your baby to be introduced to new foods and acknowledging that you could no longer take full credit for every ounce of growth? ;)
  7. ...when it suddenly hit you that your baby would no longer stay where you put him and nothing was "safe" anymore?
  8. ...the day when your baby no longer seemed (so) interested in the bottle, the binky, or (most of all) the breast and, while you knew that was good and natural, it also hurt a little?
  9. ...when that gummy grin became a toothy grin?
  10. ...noticing the hand dimples were gone?
That last one is so hard on me. I love those hand dimples. My baby still has them at fourteen months and likely will for awhile. I kiss them EVERY DAY.

What baby moments and milestones were bittersweet for you? Did you ever shed a tear even as you knew your child was moving in the right direction? Do share!

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