Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Ten Recipes That Rock From Around the Blogosphere

  1. Amy's Yogurt Coffee Cake Muffins- Amy uses the word "tender" to describe these and it couldn't be more apt. These are so easy to make and use ingredients most of us always have on hand.
  2. Lynn's Chicken and Bacon Lo Mein- Um... did someone say BACON? This is a man-pleaser, to be sure. (Quick time saving tip... you can easily use a bag of "California mixed veggies" for the cauliflower, broccoli, and carrots in this.)
  3. Jessica's Jalapeno Burn Pizza- This pizza is a grown-up flavor-fest for the mouth. My kids will eat anything and this is no exception... but I tend to reserve it for my husband and me.
  4. Crystal's Lazy Granola- I am not joking here: I eat this granola six mornings a week. I like it that much. Sometimes I make a peanut butter version. Sometimes I make my Chocolate Almond version. But it's all based off this recipe right here.
  5. Tammy's Italian Cheese Bread- I told you all last week. I love this stuff. I make at least ten different versions.
  6. Kate's Crescent Rolls- These are so good! Most often, I use them for making up Pigs in Blankets, but I make them just plain at holidays too.
  7. Laura's French Toast- It's not that I really needed a recipe for French Toast, but this uses more milk and less eggs than my traditional method and that saves me money. That makes me happy! I'd never used flour before, but it really works out well... you should give it a try!
  8. Joy's Peanut Butter Baked Oatmeal- It's the chocolate chips she added that push this one right over the edge into "dessert for breakfast" territory. So great with scrambled eggs after 8:30 am Mass!
  9. Amy's Pizza Omelets- Can you tell I want to have breakfast with Amy? She and I share a weakness for eggs and cheese together... these yummy omelets have such great flavor and can easily stand in for a quick supper.
  10. Lynn's Mexican Pizzas- Winner, winner, winner. The whole family went crazy for these. My husband despises beans, so I just melted some cheese between his tostadas. Worked like a charm.

Print out any and all of them- they are all tried and true and have been repeated MULTIPLE times here in the Parenting Miracles household! They are all either quick and easy to toss together or flexible enough to do lots of the work ahead of time. Bon appetit!

(By the way... I could have listed many more recipes from Amy and Lynn. They're both talented in the kitchen, yes, but so are many other bloggers. One of the big things that sets them apart? An easy to follow recipe index. I don't have one of those, but I'm realizing I need to work on it. It makes me at least ten times more likely to go to them to look for things to try... just something to think about.)

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