Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Five Years Ago... I Asked For Prayers

Five years ago today, I sent this email to my best friend many states away:

hi m., this will be a really quick one... i'm just asking
that you cross your fingers and say a little prayer
for us. when i woke up this morning, i had blood
running down both my legs. i'm only 22 wks pg...

t. raced home and went
with me to doctor and he said i had a tear on the
surface of my cervix... the baby is doing great, but i
have to be on bed rest for 2 days and restricted
activity for at least 2 weeks. i know this baby is
TOUGH... he or she has proven it before. but i could
still use any prayers i can get... thanks. i miss you
and love you. -jl

Nine days later... our daughter was born.

I was right, though.  She IS tough.

And I'm so glad I asked for prayers...

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