Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Packing Baby or Toddler Snacks

Have you seen these little things before? They're designed to hold pre-measured amounts of formula powder for when you're out and about with baby. Not a bad idea! I used one of these with my exclusively formula-fed son and it came in handy.

My second baby was fed expressed breast milk, first through an NG-tube, then in a bottle and thickened with cereal. She had swallowing difficulties that prevented her from being able to nurse directly at the breast- the risk of aspiration with the thin liquid was too high. So, we again used this little container, but this time to hold pre-measured amounts of cereal for thickening the bottles.

Now... my third child? She was exclusively breastfed. Not only did she never have a drop of formula, but she never really took a bottle. I really didn't see any need for this contraption anymore.

Until I realized...

It's a PERFECT snack container! I'm able to pack three different foods for G and keep them all separate. (Here are some of our faves!) It's "crush-proof" and completely reusable. And it's easy to tuck into the diaper bag.

A quick, easy solution to toddler snacks on the go? That definitely works for me.

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