Thursday, December 9, 2010

Main Dishes and Sides and Being Behind!

I am so behind this week!

My mother-in-law is in visiting from Indiana and it had been almost eighteen months since my kids and I had seen her... too long! We've been having a delightful time catching up and- trust me- my ever-running and -climbing G. has changed quite a bit since when Grandma saw her last... she was only two weeks old then!

Anyway, the Bloggy Progressive Dinner carries on, with or without me. Today, Jeff at Food + Heat is serving up some brussels sprouts that look fantastic... be sure to go check them out! Looking through my own archives, I realized that I don't seem to share side dish recipes. And, thinking about it, I realized that that may be because most of my sides are pretty boring. But it made me think I'd better get a few of my better ones on here in the future! But, for now, go check out Jeff's place and see what yummy things others are cooking up.

As for me, I'm showing up late to the party on main dishes. Amy served up a delicious twist on French Toast yesterday. Mmmm mmmm! Here are a few things I like to serve a crowd for a festive meal:

Chicken Scarpariello (my recipe that apparently went viral in Sweden one time and had over 20,000 hits in one day... NO idea how that happened! ;))

If you're very short on time, but want a recipe to impress, here are two super simple go-to's:

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