Thursday, December 23, 2010

Resolved: To Be Happy (and Merry Christmas to YOU!!!)

Merry Christmas!!!

Like so many of you, I'll be taking a few days off to spend with my family as we come together to worship and give thanks for this blessed season. Wherever you may be, I wish you joy and peace.

Thank you for taking moments out of your busy days to spend with me here- it means the world to me.

As the New Year rolls in, I'm not going to be making any grand "New Year's Resolutions", but I will be writing a one-week series the first week of January all about the subject: "Resolved: To Be Happy". If you'd like to join me in embracing happiness and contentment in the New Year, I'd love for you to read along and I will offer a linky each day for anyone who'd like to join in and share. Topics I'll be addressing include:
Monday- Resolved: To Be Happy With My Home
Tuesday- Resolved: To Be Happy With My Job
Wednesday- Resolved: To Be Happy With My Appearance
Thursday- Resolved: To Be Happy With My Friends and Family
Friday- Resolved: To Be Happy With My Limitations

That will all start up on January 3, 2011. I hope I'll see you then!

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