Thursday, December 30, 2010

Some Things Change... Most Stay the Same

This year, Christmas Eve was hosted at my sister's beautiful home. It worked out wonderfully since it is closer to where my 88 year old grandma lives. It also meant that we were able to see my two nephews serve as altar boys in the Christmas Eve Mass... so special! We're normally at my parents' house and eating an Italian feast on Christmas Eve; this year, at my sister's, we had a huge ham spread. So... some things do change. But most things- the important things- stay the same...

Children still gather round Bama at the piano to sing carols.

Tasty appetizers are tested in a warm, noisy kitchen.

Siblings- and sibs-in-law- still lend hands with the babies.

Stockings- some older than me- are still stuffed and distributed.

The birthday girl is never forgotten!

Sweet hands still find jingle bells hanging from a welcoming door.

Treasured new friends are made.

Joy is- always and forever- found in the simple things...

I hope you all had beautiful, blessed Christmases!

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