Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The A-to-Z of Where My Time Goes...

So I got to wondering...

Where do I spend most of my time online? Where do I go? What websites come up, again and again? If I type just ONE letter into my browser-addressy-thingy (oh, I am SO tech-y), what sites will come up? Are you just a teensy bit curious? It might tell you a lot about me! So, from A-to-Z, here are my most commonly typed sites:

A: The Finer Things In Life - Sweet Amy was one of my very, very first "bloggy friends". Turns out she and I started our blogs on the very same day! Since that day, we've both birthed babies and grown closer. I am so determined to get to chat with her IRL some day!!

B: Benza Bulletin - Heather and I became fast friends as we went through our last pregnancies at pretty much the exact same time. We were both facing the worry of a pregnancy following a very premature delivery and it was nice to have each other... it's still nice! (By the way, we both had full-term babies in June of '09... God is good!)

C: CT Energy Info - It's snow storm season here in New England (more than 30" currently on the ground, friends!) and, when the wind blows, the power can go. Here's where I check out our status.

D: DaySpring - Oh, how I covet that Ever Grateful collection...

E: Etsy - I am not a full-fledged Etsy addict, but I definitely like checking out the cuteness... and indulging now and then!

F: Farmhouse Love - The aforementioned Amy pointed me in this direction just recently and it managed to secure my "F" spot.

G: Google - Yeah, well, it's hard to beat Google. If your site starts with "G", I may still love you, but it's going to take a lot to overtake Google...

H: Home Depot Rents - We're looking into renting a steamer to hopefully remove the ridiculous wallpaper that refuses to part ways with our walls...

I: Intense Debate - This is who I use for my comments. I'm pretty happy with them- they're the best I've found for Blogger, anyway, and I've thus been too chicken to go over to WordPress.

J: Joyful Adorations - Kelly is such a delight! And she just had a baby so, I confess, I visit her site even more frequently to read updates on precious little Levi.

K: Keeping the Kingdom First - Though we've never met in real life or even spoken on the phone, many Twitter convos have me convinced that Alyssa and I would get along just splendidly in real life. I'd love to join her for a cup of coffee and leave the sweet tea to the rest of y'all. *blech*

L: Life as MOM - Ah, Jessica, my twin. Another one of my very first bloggy friends. I am honored to be a regular contributor over at her site and I read her words just about every day. Love her.

M: Money Saving Mom - I am determined to meet Crystal one of these years! She, Alyssa, and I all went through our last pregnancies at the same time, which was fun. On top of that, she is younger and wiser than I and just a lovely soul. Perhaps Relevant '11 will be the time?

N: NW CT Craigslist - I'm on the lookout for a free/super cheap dresser than I can fix up with some hard work and love for my baby girl's room...

O: Oh Amanda - Amanda has a certain, well, sparkle to her that's just fun to be around... her blog bubbles with fun and wisdom and inspiration. And it's pretty. And she throws cool parties.

P: my own blog - Oh yes, I hold the coveted "P" spot. ;)

Q: um, these Zucchini Quesadillas come up (by the way, they're very good!)

R: Raising Homemakers - I love the message and mission here. I wish I could have directed Mrs. Johnson, my 9th grade English teacher, here when she told me I was "too smart to be just a mom."

S: Simply Rebekah - Rebekah is a delight! And she is doing a phenomenal "Day in the Life" project that I think we should all be a part of... sounds fascinating!

T: The VanVleet Family - I'm willing to bet lots of money you've never been to this site, now have you? The VanVleets are a lovely family we got to know in the NICU at Riley Hospital. Their older daughter, Macy, is just about the same age as our C. She is an incredible, incredible little girl who has been through so much! (Full disclosure: If I didn't use TweetDeck, I have no doubt that "Twitter" would have topped my T's... *ahem*)

U: Union 28 - Oh, how I love their tees! I wear my "my husband rocks" shirt with pride and hubby has one that says "I love my Wife". (I may or may not have bought that for him...)

V: Vanderbilt Wife - Jessie is just so charming and real to me. I love her. She and I like to gripe about the lousy grammar out there! She also just had a darling baby boy. I SO want to snuggle him...

W: We Are THAT Family - Kristin's heart for giving is so inspiring to me. Her faith, conviction, and determination make me want to DO SOMETHING. And I think she'd be glad to know that.

X: Expedia - I don't know what to tell you about this. I'm guessing it's from my husband helping his mom find a flight out here this past December? Maybe? I have no clue. I'm not going anywhere. ;)

Y: Yahoo - My personal email is through Yahoo. So there you go.

Z: those Zucchini Quesadillas came up again-- what a clever recipe using both a "Z" and a "Q"! If only you could find a way to make it on Scrabble... ;)

And there you go! Find anything interesting? Anything surprise you? How about YOU? It's such a fun experiment... if you try it on yourself, please let me know your findings! If you blog it, leave your link in the comments, would you please?

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