Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Our 7 PM Happy New Year

Our kids go to bed pretty early. Even on "special occasions", they're tucked in way, way, WAY before midnight. That doesn't mean we can't make New Year's fun and festive for them! At seven o'clock, just before tooth-brushing and jammie time, we gathered in the kitchen for a toast.

I poured champagne in flutes for my husband and me (yes, the real stuff) and Kool-Aid/seltzer in plastic flutes for the littles. Yep, you read that correctly. Almost straight sugar right before bed. I don't mind walking on the wild side every now and again. ;)

Can't you just hear A. and his resounding "Ahhhh!" of refreshment?

Oh, and poor Princess C... all dressed up and disappointed with the offering. She had no interest in gulping down her drink and joining in the party. Based on this photo, we needn't worry about her going wild in later years...

But, if C. gives us no cause for concern, what can be said of THIS little princess???

Watch out, Daddy. Watch out. Baby G. would have partied all night.

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