Friday, January 14, 2011


I'm participating in the Gypsy Mama's five minute Friday writing challenge this week, so this is a departure from what I usually post on here. Humor me, will you?

In case you don't feel like clicking through that link (though, really, you should because Lisa-Jo's writing is completely mesmerizing), the gist is that I set a timer for five minutes and just free-wrote. I did NO editing or revamping after that time. The suggestion was to use a photo on your camera as inspiration. And that's what I did:

5 minute writing
Prompt: photo of icicles hanging from the roof outside my window


I am blinded.


I'm also contorted in an incredibly unnatural pose in my former dining room, now dubbed the "art room" because it is the hub of all sorts of creative wonderment in our home... more crafts than formal dinners happen in that room.

Anyhow, I'm on the floor, one leg bent behind me and my neck twisted so I can see the roofline outside the window.

From it, they hang.

Glistening. Glorious. Glassy perfection.

I've not been so enchanted by sparkles since I got my diamond professionally cleaned several months back.

But this- THIS!- is so much more. Surely this is what they tried to emulate when they carved and faceted this icy stone on my hand. I can only imagine that this explosion of pure clear light is what they tried to capture when they put that flashy stone in the hot white of platinum.

God has adorned my eaves with gemstones... row upon row of shining glory in the sunlight.

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