Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Customized Baby Gift

My baby girl turns one on Saturday.


We'll be having a little family gathering and giving her some little gifts. I'll be making some cake balls a la Bakerella because, while not a sweets lover, my littlest child loves them.

Because she is my second daughter (and I have nieces), we do not need much in the way of clothes. Because she is my third child and babies do not need oodles of things, she does not need anything in the way of toys.

I still want to give her something. Something besides the cute socks I found.

I asked myself...

"What does this sweet baby like to do more than anything in the world? What occupies her during church and stops her crying when stuck in traffic? What do I give her to play with during long t-ball games?"


My wallet.

There is nothing G. enjoys more than opening my wallet and pulling out all the cards and photos. I let her do it- because she adores it- but it's a bit stressful ensuring that I leave wherever I happen to be with all that I came with.

For her birthday, my sweet little girl will be receiving her own wallet with pictures of family, playing cards, and daddy's business cards tucked inside.

I think she's going to love it.

*The wallet pictured above is not "her" wallet... my camera's memory card is currently in Indiana. Yikes! We should be getting it back soon. :)*

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