Thursday, June 10, 2010

My Clone Turns One...

One year ago, I called Amy from the hospital so she could share the news with the blogosphere... I'd given birth to a precious baby girl! From the start, G. was the first of our babies to look like me. I got no credit for the first two. ("Did you have anything to do with this baby???" "Um, YEAH.")
We moved from Indiana to Connecticut when she was two weeks old and she took it all in stride..

She was- and is- my snuggle bunny and my constant companion. She loves to be where Mama is.

At four months, she was full of sweet smiles.

At seven months, she was sportin' the shark fin hairstyle.

At nine months, she started saying "Mama" and "Dada" and that wide smile greeted me every morning along with raised chubby arms.

At eleven months, she was scooting, crawling, and cruising to get anywhere she wanted to go. I continued to decorate her head with bows and flowers- it's what I do. :) (If you'd like to win an adorable headband like the one in that pic, go here!)

Tomorrow, my sweet little look-a-like turns one. As I brush a tear aside, I am full of pride and awe. My baby girl has grown and learned so much. She has been pure joy to me every single day of her first year of life.

And that... is most certainly a finer thing.

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