Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Cooking With Wine

I love to cook. Absolutely love it. Cleaning? That's a different story, but, for today, I'm talking about cooking...

There are so many different ways to add depth and richness to our meals, but one of my favorites is cooking with wine. Even for those who don't choose to consume alcohol, wine is a wonderful option for cooking since the alcohol cooks out and you're left with just the amazing flavor.

When you choose to cook with wine, here is my one tip for you...

Use real wine.

Don't buy that cooking wine in your grocery story. It is inferior in taste and has added salt. Buy a decent quality (read: decent does NOT equal expensive) bottle of wine and use that to cook. You'll likely save money too as those "cooking wine" bottles are only about half the size of a regular bottle of wine.

The flavor of wine gets more intense as you cook it and it reduces.... it only makes sense that you'd want to start off with something that tastes good straight out of the bottle. Works for me!

** Never cooked with wine before? Not sure where to start? Think it has to be complicated? Here are just a few of the many (simple) recipes I make that use wine:

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