Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Sunscreen HELP ?!?

I burned my baby.

Ok, I didn't really burn her, but I let her get sunburned and I think I feel just as guilty as I would had I done it myself.

I actually remembered to put baby sunblock on her tiny cheeks and nose... I just somehow neglected her sweet chubby dimpled arms. And now they're mighty pink. (*Sob!*)


I'm terrible about remembering to put sunscreen on my kids. I try- I do!- but so often our jaunts outside end up being spontaneous. We don't spend hours outdoors every single day, so it's always seemed foolish to me to put it on them every single morning. Plus, we're all up and dressed by about 7 am, so will that protection really still be in place when we need it?

I don't know. Obviously, I'm a failure in the "sun protection" department.

What works for me? No clue.

That's why, this week, I'm begging for your wisdom and tips. What can this sunscreen-challenged mama do to do better? What's your best advice for keeping the littles sunburn-free? Please, please, help a mama out...

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