Thursday, June 3, 2010

You're Making It Hard For Me To Defend You...

Dear Formula Feeding Mommies,

Awhile back, I wrote my post on why I feel bad for so many formula feeding mommies. I still do. This post isn't about most of you, but, still, it needs to be said...

There are some among you who are giving formula feeders a VERY BAD IMAGE.

Since hitting publish on that post, here are just a few of the remarks I've heard while out and about...

"I tell all my friends, you need to get that baby on the bottle so you know how much he's eaten and then you can just let him cry it out- if you breastfeed, you'll never sleep."

"Yeah, well, you can't shove cereal in a boob and get that baby nice and full before bed!"

"Oh, you're doing the nursing thing?" (Said to a new mommy- not me- fyi...) "I know they say that's best, but it's not all that it's cracked up to be... you'll see."

"You know what I did, right? I just stuck him in his car seat and propped the bottle on a receiving blanket... I think I only had to hold him to feed him maybe, twice, in his whole life!"


These, these, are the women giving bottle feeders a bad name. These are the mommies who make me mad... not because they give their babies formula, but because of their attitude toward motherhood.

I cringed at every last one of these remarks.

I said nothing. (Well, I did offer a few words of encouragement to the new mommy who was nursing, but other than that, I said nothing.)

I said nothing because I didn't want these women to think I was being critical because I nurse my daughter. That I somehow feel superior because of that fact. I admit it, I did feel critical, but not because I nurse. The battle-lines were drawn in the sand long ago, however, and if I spoke up, I know that's how it would be construed...

So, do me a favor, will you? Would some of you awesome formula feeding mamas please speak up when you hear this nonsense? Please? I know most of you are doing a rockin' job taking good, loving care of your babes... help me talk some sense into these ladies.


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