Tuesday, February 15, 2011

10 Ways NOT to Celebrate Valentine's Day

  1. Buy raw shrimp that STILL HAVE LEGS ON THEM and then decide to prepare them for supper at 6:30 am.
  2. Think for sure you'll remember the chocolate that's melting on the stove while you get some things done... who needs a timer, right?
  3. Decide that it's fine for the baby to eat off her tray full of rice and lentils without securing it down... I mean, really, how far could that stuff really fly?
  4. Say, over and over again, "Did you ASK to use the iPod? Who told you that was okay?" and get blank stares for replies. Start the day off right by putting said child on "final warning".
  5. Make 50 miniature jelly heart sandwiches directly on the counter... I mean, how messy could it be, right?
  6. Forget- again- to take the one year old's shoes off before letting her play with play dough. Nothing more fun than scraping green stuff out of tread with an old mascara brush...
  7. Wake the baby early from her nap to make it to a preschool party that you organized. This will definitely bode well for later...
  8. Give your six year old son a new shirt for Valentine's Day. Nothing ensures a more enthusiastic response than a new green t-shirt he can't wear for a couple months!
  9. Eat some leftover spinach soup for lunch, as a nod to health, but skip covering it in the microwave. I mean, you're so good at keeping an eye on things, right? (See numbers 2 &3...)
  10. Decide that you'll treat yourself since it's Valentine's Day and have a glass of Diet Coke. Leave said glass too close to laptop. Watch, in slow-mo horror, as the baby knocks it over. Realize that you no longer have working T, G, B, or 5 keys.
Sigh. So that's how it goes, folks. I actually had a lovely day, all told, but it was not without its moments! If you don't see me tweeting, emailing, commenting, or blogging super regularly, it's because- to do so- I have to wander down to the Tundra where the temperature is approximately 20 below. (Okay, to be fair, it's more like 45 down here, but STILL...)

Oh, and do you have any tips for fixing a laptop keyboard after a spill?

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