Tuesday, February 1, 2011

You Tell Me: How Do You Handle Muffin Tins?

So, I'm just dying to know...

How do YOU keep muffins and cupcakes from sticking to your tins?

Paper liners? Silicone pans? Butter? Oil? Crisco? Cooking spray?

What's your secret?

I have silicone pans, but they still stick unless I spray the tar out of them with cooking spray. I find butter and oil to be a hassle (and butter seems to "soak in" too much). I ousted shortening a while back now (and it's the same kind of hassle, anyway). Cooking spray works, but it leaves a sticky mess over the "flat parts" of the pans. Truthfully, I love paper liners, but I never think to buy them and I'm not entirely sure they're not leaching something icky into our food. (Are they? There's someone out there bound to know the answer to that.)

Sooo... what's YOUR method? What's your tried and true trick for baking muffins without having to grumble over scrubbing the pan later on?

And, if you're ever looking to get me something, paper liners would be much appreciated. ;)

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