Friday, February 25, 2011

Two Months, Three Pounds

(Once again, I am happily participating in The Gypsy Mama's Five Minute Friday Writing Prompt. This week's prompt? Five years ago.)

I shuffled up to our nurse for the day a little shyly. Which isn't like me. But, then again, I didn't often ask for favors...

"So, um," I started out. "I was just wondering. I mean, I love holding her against me of course, but how much does she need to weigh in order for her to be held wrapped in a blanket?"

"Well, it's not a precise science, why do you ask?"

"My mom has to fly home tomorrow and, well, our daughter is two months old now... but she's never been able to hold her on a visit...?

"I think it can be arranged," she smiled.

She quickly checked our precious baby's logs; protocol dictated that she needed to be over three pounds to be held in this manner.

She giggled.

"It's like God knew you were going to ask. She weighed in at 2 lb 13 oz yesterday morning. This morning? Three pounds, one ounce."

And so I gazed upon my beautiful three pound two-month old, snuggled close to her Bama. My mom's eyes met mine briefly.

And we shared mothers' tears.

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Victoria said...

I loved this story! It is amazing when parents/grandparents get to hold for the first time. I love the smile and excitement I see when parents find out they can hold and snuggle their babies in clothing & blankets outside "the boxes" for the first time. I think it makes them feel like parents to 'real' babies rather than fragile medical miracles - am I right? :-)