Friday, February 18, 2011

On (Redefining) Friendship

(Once again, I'm participating in Lisa-Jo's five minute Friday...)

Five minute writing prompt: "No editing, no back-tracking, no pauses. Just words. This week, let’s focus on friendship."


I've never met her. Never laid eyes on her smiling face. I've never even been to the state she calls home. Her children do not know mine and our husbands have never watched the game together, though I like to think they would all enjoy each other's company.

So sometimes it feels odd to refer to her as "friend" to those around me here. To try to explain the meaning and importance of her.

We have spoken on the phone just a few times... and always during crisis, it seems. When my world seemed to collapse around me, she was the first to reach out and say, "I'm here. Call me. We'll chat."

Didn't matter that we'd never shared hugs in person; we leaned on each other over phone lines. Miles were crossed and overlooked in those moments.

I've jetted off five word direct messages on Twitter or wordy rambling emails. I've received a few too. And always, always, I feel the strength and trust of the friendship we have forged.

"Bloggy friends" do not make sense until you have one.

But, once you do...

You get it. You feel it. You redefine friendship beyond the faces that pass through your daily life...


(In case you're burning with curiosity about who I'm talking about here... it's Amy. Love you, girl!)


Pakistani Girls said...
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Erika said...

Stopping in from a deeper story. Beautifully written ... and in five minutes ... with no backspacing?! You have a gift! ...and another one in your sweet friend. Amazing how God works!