Thursday, February 3, 2011

More Than Enough

Yes, I know it's February.

I was sorting through some pictures and I stumbled upon this one, taken just before we turned in for the night on Christmas Eve.

And I was staggered.

We live on a very tight budget.

We plan and plan and plan so that we aren't crippled by unexpected (or just unplanned for!) expenses.

We did not go into debt or spend hundreds of dollars on Christmas presents.

Even so.

We live in such overwhelming abundance.

I'm not ashamed of how we did Christmas, nor do I feel like the true message was lost on my children.

But I'm putting this picture here- publishing and preserving it- so that I can glance back at it any time that sly little voice whispers in my ear, "Wouldn't it be so nice if you had..."

We have enough. More than enough.

We live in abundance.

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