Thursday, April 7, 2011

When Your Child Isn't "Typical"

This little one- my C.- is kind of crazy. She's stubborn and silly and sometimes, quite honestly, maddening. There are times she acts helpless and whiny and that is like nails on a chalkboard to me. And, so, sometimes I forget...

She is tough.

She just doesn't have to prove it everyday like she did back in her NICU days. Thank God for that.

Today, I took her to see the ENT. The tubes she had placed in her ears in April of 2008 were still there. They weren't functioning, mind you, but they weren't making their way out of her ear canals either. Her canals are just so very narrow.

We've been going back every three months just to hear the same thing, "They're still in there. I don't think I can get them out. She won't like it. See you in three months."

Today I asked if he (the doctor) was willing to try. He agreed, making sure I didn't get my hopes up.

Two minutes later, the tubes were out. C. never flinched.

"I have to tell you, Mrs. S., this is highly unusual. To remove objects that far in the ear with children this age, we typically have to go to the OR.'

C's not typical.

Thank God for that, too.

(Thanks so much to my Twitter tribe who prayed this morning... we are so grateful to have avoided going into surgery! C's history with anesthesia isn't great...)

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