Monday, April 4, 2011

Menu Plan: 4/3 - The "Cooking Without a Kitchen" Plan

Oh me, oh my, I'm all up in a tizzy. Okay, not exactly, but floundering would not be an exaggeration of how I'm feeling. You see, we're making some big changes in our kitchen. And, while that's exciting, it also throws little ol' me (who truly LOVES cooking 3 meals most days!) off-kilter. Ah, well. I've had to look over my next 4 weeks of meal plans and cull out the ones I think I can pull off with just a microwave and a 2 qt slow cooker...

Here's what's hittin' our table:


B-Cereal, Yogurt, Juice
L-Scrambled Eggs w/ Diced Ham, Toast, Oranges
D-Chicken & Noodles (WITHOUT the mashed potatoes... there's no one out there who is going to convince me that it makes a lick of sense to put noodles on top of potatoes.)


B-Oatmeal w/ Strawberry Jelly Hearts, Milk
L-Cheese Quesadillas, Apple Slices, Water
D-Beef Fajitas


B-Cinnamon Muffins (these are in the freezer, thankfully!), Berries, Milk
L-Parmesan Rice w/ Carrots, Juice
D-Chicken Salad Sandwiches, Baked Beans


B-Cinnamon Muffins, Yogurt, Juice
L-PB Raisin Smiley Toasts, Apples, Water
D-Crockpot Ravioli, Broccoli


B-PB Toast, Oranges, Milk
L-Egg & Cheese Burritos, Berries, Water
D-Souped Up Tomato Soup, Cheese Sandwiches


B-Smoothies, Toast
L-Cheesy Beans & Rice, Water
D-I'm really hoping to have use of my oven so we can have our usual pizza night! If so, I'm making a Cheddar & Rotel Pizza*


B-Zoo Keeper Breakfast (We're member of our local zoo and were invited to a special breakfast with the zookeepers and a "unique animal encounter"... looking forward to it!)
L-We'll likely be on the road...
D-Mac 'n Cheese w/ Hot Dogs, Carrot Sticks

*All pizzas on our menu plans from now until Easter will be MEATLESS in keeping with our Catholic tradition.

I am not "jumping up and down" excited about this menu plan. But it'll do. And it means we won't be falling back on a bunch of takeout to get us through this messy time. Meal planning, even without a functional kitchen definitely saves money!

So tell me... what's your favorite meal to toss together with no oven or stove? (Oh, and a rinky dink crockpot? ;))

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