Friday, April 29, 2011

Ebates for Travel

Have you signed up for Ebates yet?  I hope so!  I waited a long time before singing its praises a couple months ago because I promise you: I will never recommend something to you unless I've fully tried it out already.

I love using Ebates for my online shopping.  Since I tend to look for the rock-bottom deals, I'm not generally earning very much at a time but, hey, every little bit adds up!

Recently, I set out to plan a tenth anniversary trip to be taken this fall.  My husband and I talked a lot and did a whole bunch of research and, finally, decided to take the family on a cruise.  (Yay!  Can't wait!)

And here's my tip for you today:

If you're planning a trip of any kind, be sure to check Ebates!

Here are just a few of the travel sites currently offering a percentage back when you go through Ebates:
  • Expedia 1-4%
  • Budget Rent-a-Car 3%
  • Comfort Inn 3.5%
  • Holiday Inn 4.5%
  • Orbitz 1-3%
  • Southwest 3%
  • Travelocity 1-3%
Are these huge percentages?  No.  But travel, by its very nature, tends to be a significant purchase.  Even though I scored a fabulous deal on our cruise for five, I still got about $30 back through Ebates.

That'll pay for some fun souvenirs.  Or a bottle or two of wine.  Or a couple hours of babysitting services. ;)  Not a bad return for a single click!

Don't forget Ebates when you're booking your travel!

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