Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Lent '11: Letting Go of Judgment, Challenge 4 RESULTS

One of the beauties of this life we are given is that our opinions are fluid. What a blessing it is that, as we are able to learn and explore, we are also allowed to change our minds! When I compare the "me" that set out on this parenting journey six years ago with the "me" that stands before you today, I am almost shocked at some of the changes I've undergone. This is also something I need to keep ever-in-mind as I observe others. While I may not agree with how she is doing something, there is always the chance that she will change over time... or even that I may come around to her way of thinking.

In case any of you have forgotten (or if you're new here- welcome!):

Week 4's challenge was this:

Initiate a conversation with a friend/neighbor/relative/fellow parishioner about a past choice you made that you now have reason to doubt. (Alternatively, you could write a post about it!) Share the learning experience.

Here's how this played out for me...

My friend married later than I. Not surprisingly then, she started having babies later too. In fact, I had three babies before she gave birth to her first. When she took her sweet baby girl to see the pediatrician at four months, she was given the go-ahead to start cereals. Here's what I had to say:

"I've had different pediatricians with each of my babies and we've always been given the same guidance. With my first, I have to admit I was just so excited to try something new that I came up with a detailed plan of introduction and worked my way through all cereals, fruits, and veggies before he hit six months. I totally get it if you want to try giving her something. I will say this... the more I read and learn, the less convinced I am that there's any "nutrition value" in giving babies solid food at this point. It's just "practice eating." And, really, in our case, it was more work for us at that point. By the time I had G. (my 3rd), I was so much more low-key and just waited until she reached for things and seemed eager. She was around six months. By eight months, she ate normal table food with us. For us, it was just SO much easier. Do with that what you will."

And that was that!

No need to argue about the merits of waiting until six months or beyond to introduce solid foods. If she wanted more info on that, I could have provided it. But, in this instance, what I really wanted to offer was the value of experience. Sharing what I've tried and what I've learned may hold more significance than sharing what I've read or what I've heard.

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