Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Kristin's Vintage Garden Review

Can I tell you something I just LOVE??

Handmade accessories.

Something else I love?

Women starting their own businesses and sharing their gifts and talents with the rest of us!

So when Kristin was looking for bloggers to review a Bloom from her new shop, Kristin's Vintage Garden, I was more than happy to volunteer!

Such cute things! I love the natural fabrics and textures she uses for these Blooms:

Soft fabrics and neutral colors make these Blooms very versatile.

It was an ugly, rainy day when I tried mine out for you all, so I didn't get the pretty, sunlit shots I was hoping for. Still...
Kinda cute, right? This is how you'll find me many a day... hair not done, jeans, a tank, and an old sweater coat.

I pinned it right directly in my hair here. Bear in mind, I didn't "do" anything with my hair so this could, certainly, be MUCH cuter!

I felt a touch silly wearing my one year old's headband here, but I do really like the way the Bloom looks perched there!

And here's how I might wear it were I headed off to church or someplace where I try not to wear an old sweater coat. I love how this adds interest to a simple finger knitted scarf!

These Blooms are so fantastically affordable at just $5 each! Even sweeter? Kristin has kindly offered a discount code to any of my readers! To save an additional 25%, just use coupon code "JESSIELEIGH" at checkout on her site. How fun!

Are you ready to add a little Spring to your wardrobe?

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