Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Oh, Black Coffee, How I Love Thee...

... let me count the ways.

  1. It is quick. Seriously. You pour it in a mug and roll. That's it, people.
  2. It is easy. There is no magic formula here. No "two teaspoons of raw sugar and a splash of heavy cream" or whatever. Again... pour it in a mug. Roll.
  3. It is hot. If you're in the habit of steaming your milk, it won't make your coffee cool. But that stuff from the fridge? Yeah... add that and it's not hot enough for me.
  4. It tastes like... coffee! Not whipped cream. Not cinnamon and nuts. Beautiful, blessed coffee.
  5. I don't have to crowd around the "milk and sugar" table if I want a cup after church. This saves me valuable time as I'm herding three small children. (Note: I often skip the coffee since, as I mentioned, I am herding three small children. This makes me sad.)
  6. People never mind getting my coffee. See #1 and #2. They know they're not going to mess it up. I'm an easy customer.
  7. I never worry that people won't have my preferred add-ons. If they have coffee, I'm happy.
  8. It surprises people. Seriously. You'd be amazed how many people are shocked when I say, "Just black, please." I think I look fluffier than that. ;)
  9. It impresses guys. Okay, so I could not care less about this one, but it was totally the truth in college. What can I say... maybe the guys around me were easily impressed.
  10. It's how my whole family drinks it. From my grandma to my parents to my siblings, we all take it the same way. And that's kind of fun.
But enough about me! How do YOU take your coffee?

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