Sunday, March 13, 2011

Menu Plan: 3/13 - Pondering More Fasting

Ash Wednesday was a wonderful time of prayerful reflection for me this past week. Because I was nursing last year and pregnant the year before, it had admittedly been a long since I fasted. It was a powerful thing for me and I'm pondering doing a "mini fast" every Wednesday throughout Lent (and, of course, fasting on Good Friday.) I'll let you know what I commit to!

For this week, I'm realizing that there's not a whole lot of meat going on. And I'm totally content with that. Here's what's hittin' our table:


B-Cereal, Applesauce, Milk
L-Pancakes, Sausage Links, Apple Slices
D-Sunday Supper at Bama & Papa's


B-Peanut Butter Oatmeal topped with peanuts, Milk
L-Egg Sandwiches, Apples w/ Cheese, Juice
D-Poor Man's Chicken Parm Sandwiches w/ Green Peppers


B-Banana Bread, Applesauce, Milk
L-Buttered Noodles, Oranges, String Cheese, Water
D-Beans & Franks, Corn


B-Banana Bread, Yogurt, Juice
L-Hot Dogs on Bread, Apples, Milk
D-Penne w/ Garlic, Tomatoes, & Goat Cheese


B-PB Toast, Apples, Milk
L-Cheesy Taco Fries
D-Vegetable Soup w/ added mixed vegetables, Cheese Quesadilla


B-Smoothies, Toast
L-Cheesy Beans & Rice, Water
D-Tomato & Green Pepper Pizza*


B-Ham, Egg, & Cheese Bagel Sandwiches
L-Ramen Noodles, Fruit
D-Hot & Sour Peanut Noodles w/ Broccoli & Shrimp

*All pizzas on our menu plans from now until Easter will be MEATLESS in keeping with our Catholic tradition.

How about you? What are you serving up this week?

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