Monday, March 7, 2011

Lent '11: Letting Go of Judgment, An Intoduction

Letting go of judgment doesn't mean no longer having an opinion. It also doesn't necessarily mean you have to change your mind about any of your views and convictions. It isn't being spineless.

Letting go of judgment is a commitment to open your heart and mind and to consider the best in people. Embrace differences. Acknowledge that there may be more than one "right" way to do things or prioritize. Letting go of judgment can be hard.

But would you like to try to make some progress with me? Would you join me throughout this Lenten season and take on some challenges? They are not time consuming and each can be made to fit your own views and lifestyle.

Would you?

For many people, Lent is a time to "give something up"... sweets, red meat, TV, etc. There's not a thing wrong with that tradition. The idea of making a sacrifice that will keep your mind on Christ's ultimate sacrifice for us is a good one. But, this year, I decided that I believe God would rather see me give up some negative thoughts about my brothers and sisters than chocolate...

Giving up a judgmental attitude has the potential to create far more good than merely laying off the brownies.

Two weeks ago, I opened my heart to you all and shared both where I stand and how I feel. Your response was amazing and I was so encouraged to work hard to grow.

Won't you join me?

Every Wednesday, starting on March 9th (Ash Wednesday, the start of Lent), I will be issuing a challenge. If you decide to participate (and, oh, it would make my heart sing to not do this alone!), I'll post a link up the next week. If you have posted about your experience, please share your link there. Or, if you prefer, tell us about it in the comments.

Just think how beautiful it will be to put LOVE before JUDGMENT.

I am so very grateful to have you all to share this with. Thank you.

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