Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Lent '11: Letting Go of Judgment, Challenge 3

I continue to be excited to be taking on this challenge for Lent. I truly believe that, for me, there is so much more value in this journey than there would be in, say, giving up cheese (the thought of which, I admit, nearly sends me into convulsions of withdrawal...)

Did you participate last week? Even if you didn't, I'd love to have you participate along with me at any time. There are absolutely no rules or requirements for this Lenten journey.

Are you ready for our Week 3 Challenge?

On my original "I Vaccinate, Cuddle, and Drink Diet Coke... and So?" post, I received this fantastic comment from Amy:

My husband (and a dear friend) will quell 'near arguments' about such things by saying, "This isn't a matter of faith and/or morals".

It has been running through my mind ever since.

Here's our challenge this week...

When you feel that initial knee-jerk judgment pop up after hearing/seeing/reading something that goes against YOUR grain, ask yourself: "Is this a matter of faith or morals?" If it's not, try to allow it to roll off your back.

And then come back to see me next Wednesday so we can talk about it and get a new challenge, okay? (I'm going to try to note down at least a couple of examples of this in my life over the next week... feel free to share only one example or as many as you can come up with!)

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