Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Lent '11: Letting Go of Judgment, Challenge 1

I am so delighted to be taking on this challenge for Lent. I am even more thrilled to have some of you coming along on the journey with me. My hope is that our minds and hearts might be opened a bit and, in turn, that we may be freed from some of our judgmental thoughts.

Are you ready? I promised you challenges that would not take a lot of time and that would fit with any mindset. So here we go. Our very first step on the path...

Challenge 1: Ask a woman with differing or opposing views how she made her choice. This is not an opportunity to debate. For this challenge, you are just listening.

The idea here is to hear someone out. The goal is NOT to have your mind changed or even challenged. You are certainly not expected to believe everything she says is truth or right for your family. However, allowing someone to share the "why" of her decision may help open your heart to the idea that she, too, has her reasons.

You can ask someone in real life. You can call someone on the phone. You can pick her brain on Twitter. You can send out an email. Their answer can be as long or as short as works for you both.

It can be any issue, from "Why do refuse to eat soy?" to "How did you decide to sleep train?" to "When did you decide to only wear skirts?" to "What inspired you to boycott Amazon?", etc.

Give it a try. And come back here next Wednesday so we can talk about it and get a new challenge, okay?

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