Thursday, February 12, 2009

12 Days of the Valentine Queen: Day 10

12 Days of the Valentine Queen

Day 10: Wearing Rubies

Alright, let me just confess right up front... I'm a tad spoiled. I have a husband who truly knows how to make my life special in ways that remind me how lucky I am! I spoil him too, so it works out beautifully. :) Anyway, while I have absolutely zero weakness for shoes, handbags, clothes, or chocolate, I have a definite weakness for jewelry. The real kind of jewelry. The kind that's measured in carat-weights and set in gold or platinum.

These days, jewelry doesn't fit as easily in our budget as it did in the past, but I've had a lot of years to build up quite a collection. This time of year, I gravitate toward my garnets, my pink tourmaline, my pink sapphires and, above all, my rubies...

My rubies include a vintage ring passed down to me that goes back several generations and an impressive necklace picked up in the Cayman Islands. They include a ruby bracelet my husband gave me the first Christmas after we were married and ruby flower earrings my children gave me this past Christmas. My rubies hold beautiful memories for me and this time of year is a wonderful time to re-visit them!

How about you? Any other ladies out there who have a weakness for the sparkle?

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Lynn said...

Not so much gem sparkle but I love a great classic earring or necklace in gold or silver. I think jewlery really adds to an outfit. Take a simple black or white shirt with a pair of jeans. If you add a great necklace and earring it dresses it up makes it look great. So, yes I have a jewlery weakness. :)