Saturday, February 14, 2009

Giveaway Review... Don't Miss Out!

Just in case you missed it, this whole past week I teamed up with four amazing ladies to put together a Valentine's Exchange of Inspiration and Ideas. It's been a wonderful week and a whole lot of fun!

To wrap up the extravaganza, I will be drawing one name to determine the winner of some Valentine's sparkles. What woman doesn't deserve a little bit of bling?

To make sure your name is in the pool of entrants, be certain you've visited all five posts this week:

Monday: Kate shared some Valentine-y meal ideas over at A Simple Walk.

Tuesday: Laura hosted a special Gratituesday about things we love to be thankful for at Heavenly Homemakers.

Wednesday: I shared fun ways to celebrate Valentine's Day with little ones right here.

Thursday: Jessica hosted a Sweetheart Treats Recipe Swap over at Life as MOM.

Friday: Amy rounded out the week with a special Finer Valentine Things Friday at The Finer Things in Life.

Leave a comment or link up and you'll receive an entry. Participate each day and you'll receive five entries! It's that simple. You have through Sunday night, February 15th, to leave your comments. I'll be drawing a winner Monday morning. Why in the morning, unlike every other giveaway you've probably seen? Well, because I'm just about dead to the world by 8 pm every night. But I'm one of those obnoxiously chipper morning people. :)

Good luck! Thanks to all of you who have already participated this week and helped to make our celebration a success.

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

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