Tuesday, February 17, 2009

She's Sick

My little girl is sick. A truly rotten cold with a deep, mucus-y cough that sometimes makes her hack so hard that she vomits. She's pale and run-down and looks, well, rather pathetic.

And I am so grateful...

... grateful that my former-preemie is one of the strong ones, whose lungs are as capable as any other 3-year old's.

... grateful that I can now treat this with lots of fluids and not frequent nebulizer treatments.

... grateful that God and our pediatrician have given me the faith and confidence to understand that I don't need to freak out at every cough just because she was born early... a cold does not automatically equal RSV.

... grateful that my daughter is so incredibly tough and has been through so much worse that she never really complains.

... grateful that I'm an easy-going enough mommy to let her eat donut holes if that's all that sounds good.

... grateful that the rest of the family has so far dodged the bug.

... and grateful that this too, like all bumps in the road, shall pass.

May this find you all in good health.

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(On a related note, I'll be back later today to announce the winner of the Valentine's giveaway, but that'll be it for today... sick babies come first!)


Donna said...

Praise the Lord for her strength!- and your's too! (seeing her go through so much when she was so tiny must have been so hard)

Ryann said...

Sorry that C isn't feeling well. I'm glad you can be calm and know that she's a strong little girl. Best wishes for a quick recovery and that the rest of you can stay clear of the germs.

Amy @ Finer Things said...

I'm snuggling a feverish girl myself today. Take good care of yourself while you're taking care of her! ;-)

Anonymous said...

It sounds like your little girl might have whooping cough, I'd take her to see a pediatrician if she hasn't started to get better. Take care!

JessieLeigh said...

Anon-Thanks for your concern. My little girl is actually totally on the mend already- just a runny nose now. I really do think it was just a yucky cold. Plus, she is fully vaccinated against pertussis (whooping cough), something we believe strongly in in our family. Thanks for taking the time to write and your concern though!