Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Portrait of a Pregnancy After a Preemie, part... 4?

Well, I'm 20 1/2 weeks into this pregnancy now and feeling fantastic. My energy levels are good and I have not one bit of lingering nausea. Hurray! I do deal with the occasional bout of heartburn and the random obnoxious headache, but it's certainly nothing worth complaining about. For the most part, I'm living in second trimester bliss, just enjoying feeling all sorts of fetal movement while still fitting through narrow spaces. ;)

Despite the rather small size of that bump I'm sporting in the picture above, the baby is actually measuring big- at 22 weeks rather than 20. I am delighted to hear it! I've always measured small in the past and we sure love big, healthy babies around these parts!

Last update, I asked for your help fattening me up. You all gave me some great suggestions and some helpful links- thank you very much! As a result of your excellent advice and my determined effort to keep to a 2500-3000 calorie diet, I managed to put on 12 pounds in five weeks. Now, that is a staggering number and, to be honest, it makes me almost embarrassed to admit it. But it's the grand total of weight I've gained through the whole pregnancy and the doctor is happy, not concerned. You can bet I will NOT be putting on another 12 pounds before my next appointment, however! I gained 29 pounds total with my full-term pregnancy and that is my goal for this one as well.

All my blood-work from last visit came back negative, including the quad-screen I hadn't realized they slipped in there. (We don't usually elect to have that screening test because of the high false positive rate.) I wouldn't have chosen to have the test but, since they did it anyway, I guess it's comforting to know that our baby doesn't have any of several chromosomal abnormalities...

My restrictions have officially started, including a lifting limit of fifteen pounds. Happily, I will still be allowed to walk on the treadmill, as long as I avoid jogging or running. I also have housework restrictions-- crazy! But nothing so bad that my home will fall apart. :) Just don't expect glistening floors every single day around here...

Perhaps strangest of all, we now know what our baby's birthday will be. I've never had a scheduled c-section before, so this was all very new to me! Anyhow, I found out yesterday that I'll go in for surgery at 7:30am on June 17th. That means that baby and I *should* be released from the hospital three days later, on MY birthday!

Finally, I go in for the "big" ultrasound tomorrow. But, alas, I will have no gender news for you all...

We never find out.

You'll have to wait 'til June 17th, just like us!


Phoebe said...

Aww..what a cute little baby bump!

Great news that you are measureng big and that you are feeling well.

I had scheduled C-sections with my last 2--it is an odd exprience to know your baby's exact birth date, but nice, too!

I love that you aren't finding out the gender, such a joy in the delvery room!

Amy @ Finer Things said...

You look great! And Yay for baby gender surprises. ;-)

Heather Benza said...

Congrats on gaining 12 pounds!! Surprisingly I've only gained 7, but my "bump" looks like it's 20...not sure how it can pop out so far and yet not weigh anything extra. I need to move up to the next size of maternity pants!!!
The 15 pound lift restriction: is this because you had preterm labor of unknown cause? I keep forgetting to ask if the lifting thing is a wives tale or for real. My toddler is only 22 pounds, but I'd really rather have a full term baby than carry him if it will make a difference. I find it so odd to be at 20 weeks--officially half way but last time I had no idea at this point I was 9 weeks away from delivery. I imagine 3.5 weeks from now you will feel huge relief to still be pregnant.

JessieLeigh said...

Heather- My lifting restriction is absolutely because of my preterm labor of unknown causes. With my other pregnancies, I had no restrictions (and my 10-month old weighed well over 25 lb at the time!). I definitely lifted 20+ lb with my first and had no issues. The doctor is just being cautious and, well, I guess I'm not willing to take chances. :) I still have to "help" my 27 lb 3-year old up and down from chairs and such, but I've given up actually hauling her around.

And you are absolutely right- I will breathe a huge sigh of relief when I pass 24 weeks... and an even BIGGER one when I pass 28. :)