Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Speaking Up For Those Who Can't

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Honestly? I don't make a lot of waves. Sure, I'm a feisty and opinionated lady. No doubt about it; just ask my husband or family. But, that being said, I don't often speak up loudly and clearly about too many controversial or political issues. I'm pretty comfortable just living in my own world with my own ideas and beliefs.

There are a couple of exceptions. One, of course, is my determination to speak up about prematurity awareness. That is evident throughout this entire blog. It is a mission and a labor of love for me and I don't see myself ever tiring of it. I know how little I really knew about it and I know how little support I could find for parents of the very earliest preemies. It's critical to me to get more information out there.

The other cause I'm not afraid to voice my opinion about is abortion or, rather, my opposition to it. I've been very clear on that stance here before. I shared some of my concerns on Inauguration Day. I went on to go into more detail about the Freedom of Choice Act and what it could mean a few days later.

Trying to change the minds of all the pro-choice Americans around me doesn't work for me. That would be a daunting task and, I firmly believe, a futile effort. While I truly believe in my heart of hearts that abortion is murder, simply carrying a placard that reads those words is not how I choose to convey my message.

Instead, I just want to educate. I want people to truly KNOW what a second trimester fetus looks like so they don't have some misguided notion that we're talking about a blob of cells. I want people to realize what exactly is involved in a partial-birth abortion... because the name sounds pretty innocuous compared to the reality of the procedure. I want mothers and fathers to realize that there are millions of people who support taking away your right to know about your minor daughter's decision to abort. And I want to help dispel the idea that abortion is "good" for women-- that it is freeing, empowering, and essential to our equality. Making men be accountable for their role in creating life is how we establish equality... not by killing the one and only innocent party involved.

Speaking up for those who can't yet speak for themselves... that Works for Me.

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Amy said...

As the parent of two preemies (not micros, though- they were 30 and 33 weeks) and a strong pro-lifer, I enjoyed this post! :) I've been active in prolife causes for years, and right now I've been spreading the word about FOCA. Keep up the good work!

My WFMW tip about finding coupons outside of the Sunday newspaper is HERE if you'd like to take a peek.

Amy @ Finer Things said...

I'm with you. Educating is the way to go.

Robyn said...

Good for you! I have been using Facebook to get information out there about abortion to people who otherwise would not hear it if they watch liberal network news.
I feel like God keeps taking me out of my comfort zone, asking me to be vocal about this. Sometimes it's hard, but the more people know, the better decisions they'll make.
Keep it up!

Grateful for Grace said...

Education really is important. I used to be on the other side of the issue and volunteered at Planned Parenthood. I remember distinctly the day I first saw the life size models on a Pro-Life table at a fair. I got upset. I told them they shouldn't lie to people. They calmly told me they weren't lying. It was the beginning of the change for me.
Anyway, I'm glad you posted and I'm glad you're trying.

M said...

Thank you for sharing the info previously about FOCA -- it helped educate me.
I keep thinking that in addition to the legal battleground, there must be more I can do to support women faced with unwanted pregnancies, but I must admit I don't know very much about them! Any suggestions?
It also seems like there must be more I can do to support issues like affordable childcare, and other programs supportive of parenting in general.
I look forward to continuing to be educated by you!

JessieLeigh said...

Amy, Amy, & Robin- Love that you all believe in action and education.. so great to hear!

Grateful for Grace- Thank you so much for sharing your story... what a powerful moment that must have been.

M- I'm so glad you feel better-informed about FOCA. You ask some truly excellent questions- so excellent that I feel compelled to address them in a later post, rather than just a quickie response here. But, for starters, I think so much more effort has to go into preventing more unwanted pregnancies for ever happening. And I believe that the word you used- SUPPORT- is critical. We need to support these mothers rather than try to "fix it" through the destruction of the baby. Just a couple thoughts, but I'll write more on the topic later... thanks for some thought-provoking questions!