Saturday, February 14, 2009

12 Days of the Valentine Queen: Day 12

12 Days of the Valentine Queen

Day 12: A Man Who Makes It Special

So let me just say this- you can absolutely have a happy Valentine's Day by celebrating with girlfriends and you don't NEED a man in your life to make it special. But it sure helps. ;)

I am blessed to be married to that guy. You know the one. The one who never forgets it's Valentine's Day. The one who chooses beautiful, sappy cards and then writes two lines that arrow straight through the heart. The one who went out of his comfort zone and talked at length with the guy at the wine shop to ensure he chose a quality chardonnay for our first Valentine's together. The one who's been known to start my special day at midnight and continue to give me little surprises throughout the day. The one who made all the girls in our dorm ridiculously jealous of me my senior year in college. The one who my firiends BEG to take their husbands shopping. Yep, that's my guy.

And so it should come as no surprise that I love Valentine's Day. I fell in love with a man who makes me feel like the most treasured woman on the planet.

May you all be blessed to feel exactly the same!

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

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Amy @ Finer Things said...

It's easy to be The Valentine Queen when you have a King like that! ;-)