Thursday, February 5, 2009

12 Days of the Valentine Queen: Day 4

12 Days of the Valentine Queen

Day 4: Minimal Decorations

Listen, I like getting the house all gussied up for Christmas as much as the next gal. But, when February rolls around, I'm delighted to celebrate a holiday that doesn't require quite so much effort. A pretty heart wreath for the door. A crystal dish of Valentine candy. A vase of red and pink flowers. Some fun Valentine's projects made by my children. Good enough.


Carla said...

This wreath is beautiful!!! I LOVE it! I always use the red bow off of my outdoor Christmas wreath each year, that friends send us. So my decoration is FREE. This year I put a little pink heart on it (with scotch tape) and it looks pretty . . . . but I really like your wreath!


M said...

LOVE the wreath -- where did you find it?

JessieLeigh said...

Thanks, Carla! Love the idea of using what you have. Excellent!

M- The wreath's from Joann's. Doesn't it just put you in the lovin' spirit? :)