Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Tapped Out

There's one big way that we save money around here that no one in our household even notices. We never think about it and not one of us ever feels as though we're suffering. From baby to grown-up, we all enjoy it without batting a lash. It just seems normal in our home, but I know it's unheard of in some homes...

What is it?

Tap water.

That's right. My family drinks tap water. Right from the sink. No fancy fridge filter. No spiffy pitchers. Definitely no bottled water. Just good old fashioned water straight from the well.

And you know what? It tastes good. It costs us nothing. We generate no waste. We have an almost limitless supply. We like it.

Furthermore, study after study has shown that almost all tap water is perfectly safe and, in fact, is often healthier because of the natural minerals it contains thanks to our friend the Earth. Go figure, huh? We pay extra to filter out stuff that's good for us! Ask your local doctor to be sure about your area, but chances are good that your faucet water is just fine. Even our "tiny, frail" daughter had the green light to have tap water...

Finally, I am happy to use tap water in our home because I like my children to grow up with the idea that water comes from a faucet, not a plastic bottle. I'm not sure what that says about me, but it's important to me that my kids do not feel the need to rush to the store to pick up... water.

Tap water absolutely works for me and my family!

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Amy @ Finer Things said...

That is definitely something I miss about living in the country... well water is the best! City water on the other hand... at least in my town... yuck. We have reverse osmosis.

Great. Now I want to move... ;-)

Susan said...

Maybe next week for WFMW you can share your homemade baby wipe recipe?? :D

I have yet to find a recipe that worked for me- mine always go moldy!!!

Ali said...

Hi! Thanks for stopping by my blog, let me know how BKF works for ya!

We also drink our well water, after it goes through a Brita filter though, to remove the iron and *yuck* sulfer. It comes out perfectly YUMMY!

Kate said...

We are the same way in this house. Tap water for everyone! We have well water too and it has more "flavor" than bottled water. For some reason, we all prefer the bathroom water over the kitchen water. :)

By the way, my word verification word is "blessess." I just had to share because I think that's awfully appropriate for your blog.

matt said...

No way, Jose! There was a study released not to long ago that found large amounts of anti-depressants and estrogen in our water (Los Angeles). Whenever I do drink it I cry a lot but feel really happy at the same time.

Heather Benza said...

Our water tastes like dirt, so we have an under the counter filter--$30 every 6 months, so ALMOST free. Although I have to admit it was hard to give up my bottled water at first.

Suz said...

Way to go! I don't want my son thinking you have to buy water either. So much of the time the water you buy is essentially tap water anyway (if it doesn't say Spring Water on it).

For those that question the safety... have your water checked. It will likely be cheaper than buying bottled water all the time. And, how safe are those bottles for us anyway?

Brooke said...

we have city water, so we use a filter (in the door of our freezer) if we drink it straight but i use it out of the tap for kool-aid and stuff like that.