Friday, February 6, 2009

Using Petroleum Jelly

One of the least expensive and most useful items in my bathroom cabinet is a tub of petroleum jelly. I reach for that stuff almost every day of my life and for a variety of purposes. Since a whole jar of the stuff costs right around a dollar, even not on sale, it's a very frugal option for a whole lot of uses. Here are a few of my favorites:

For baby:

  • a thin coat helps protect from diaper rash
  • lightly applied to chin, it prevents that drooly teething rash
  • helps heal chapped cheeks
  • protects minor cuts and scratches while they heal
  • forms a barrier to protect a healing circumcision site
For mama:

  • removes stubborn eye makeup
  • softens rough elbows and knees
  • soothes cracked, chapped hands and knuckles
  • moisturizes dry winter legs AND leaves a gleam-y glow behind
  • softens calloused feet (if, like me, you can't stand to wear socks to bed, try applying the petroleum jelly, then sock right before working out-- the heat helps it work!)
  • ease off a too-tight ring
  • fills in as cheap lip-gloss
  • helps staunch the bleeding from tiny shaving nicks
I use petroleum jelly for innumerable other things too! Next week, at our Valentine's Exchange of Inspiration and Ideas, I'll be sharing a craft that puts this stuff to use...

What do you use petroleum jelly for in your home? What's the most useful product in your bathroom cabinet? I'd love to have you share!

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Ryann said...

We used petroleum jelly to coat the NG tube we had to feed down Addy's nose when she received her feedings this way.

Now we use petroleum jelly to help the syringe plunger slide through the syringe more easily when giving blended food through her g-tube.

I know most parents don't have these issues, but especially for some preemie parents these tips may be helpful.

Heather said...

Well, you already mentioned to use it as a moisturizer but I've found that if you mix a "blob" of petroleum jelly WITH your favorite lotion before rubbing it on, you get the benefits (long lasting) of the Vaseline and the lovely scent of your lotion. It also helps to cut down on the "greasy" feel of the Vaseline. I do this after I shave and it seems to cut down on the amount I have to shave too! Just a thought!

JessieLeigh said...

Ryann- Those are some great uses I hadn't thought of! We actually didn't lubricate the NG tube way back in the day, but I can see how that would be helpful!

Heather- That is a fabulous idea! Love the idea of mixing it with a yummy scented lotion- thanks!

Lynn said...

I love my petroleum jelly, too. I have a tube in my purse, and five other containers throughout the house. Because when you heat your house with wood, the air gets mighty dry, and the lips can get mighty chapped. Thanks heavens for petroleum jelly!